Thank you for welcoming us into your home!

The first thing you should know about us is that we love South Carolina. We love our state so much that we want to share this passion with everyone else, especially those living in this state along with us. There’s so many exciting things to do and places to see – mountains to climb, oceans to swim, rivers to paddle. It’s time to take advantage of the wonderful adventures that lie in our very backyards.

STAY in SC shares the hidden treasures of the state. As we work on our premier Spring/Summer issue, we highlight a few of our favorite South Carolina attractions. Please travel along with us across the state, making notes of where your next vacation might take you.

As for us, our bucket list is full of amazing South Carolina travels this summer. Some with the kids in tow and some with a minimum age requirement. If you plan to STAY in SC this summer, send us a picture. We’d love to learn all about your South Carolina hidden treasure!

Wishing you a great STAY in SC!

– Heather Page, Editor
and Tammy Clark, Publisher