Extreme Sports: Cable Wakeboarding

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Shark Wake Park features a 5-tower full-size cable wakepark an 2-tower cable system via Alta Cable Ski complete with UNIT Parktech obstacles. The full- size is the tallest cable system in the United States!

When searching for the definition of wakeboarding, it’s described as “riding on a short, wide board resembling a surfboard and performing acrobatic maneuvers while being towed behind a motorboat.” It’s typical for one to think that the only way to wakeboard is while being pulled behind a boat. I mean that’s how it’s done, right?

Something has to pull you for you to continue skimming across the water. For years this has been the source of execution. With a long lived passion for water sports and an entrepreneurial spirit like his father, Greg Norman, Jr. sought to o er an additional option for those eager to attempt the sport. In 2016, Greg and his team welcomed Shark Wake Park 843 to the North Myrtle Beach Sports Complex.

“I want everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy this wake-culture and experience the freedom of being out on the water,” says Greg. Opposed to the traditional way of wakeboarding, Park 843 offers cable wakeboarding where riders are pulled by a high-tech pulley system instead of a boat. The pulley system picks up ropes from the starting dock and pulls riders across the .5 mile radius lake with the option of jumping ramps and rails to try new tricks. A 5-tower full-size cable and 2-tower cable system via Alta Cable Ski complete the UNIT Parktech features.

The best part of Park 843, no experience is required. The park is equipped for beginners while also allowing advanced riders and pros to go as big as they’d like! Their highly trained staff is available to help you get up on a wakeboard for the first time. From 10 am until noon, on Saturdays and Sundays, cables run at beginner speeds for the novice wakeboarders.

Riders must be at least 10 years old to ride the full size cable but any age can attempt the 2-tower system after taking a required Cable Safety Lesson. The park also features a viewing deck for spectators to get a glimpse of the sport at no cost. The on-site Shark Shack provides snacks, smoothies, beer and refreshments, so visitors can spend the day at the park. This summer Shark Wake Park 843 will o er a summer camp perfect for South Carolina weather. Campers will learn how to water ski, wakeboard, wakeskate, and kneeboard.

SWP Summer Camp is a great way to keep kids active and learning new sports! Groups are welcome to reserve Park 843 for parties, school and work events. All gear is included in this perfect adventure destination. Shark Wake Park 843 is South Carolina’s newest addition to a distinguished list of action sports. If you’re looking for a new adventure this summer, let the cable lead the way as you skim across the lake. Just show up and Shark Wake Park promises to deliver an awesome day!Located in the North Myrtle Beach Sports Complex.

150 Citizens Circle, Little River 843-399-WAKE

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