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South Carolina offers a wide variety of blood pumping, gut churning activities to appease the appetites of even the most seasoned adrenaline seekers. From beach front sky diving to swimming with sharks, we have it all! While there is no shortage of ways to raise your blood pressure for the excitement hunter, you might find that few of these sports allow for the total opportunity to harness real power through acquired skill and control…and even fewer offer the opportunity to do all this while operating under the most toe curling conditions! Well, buckle up and hold your breath because the BMW Performance Center in Greenville, SC is offering up some wildly unique high performance driving classes that are putting attendees through the paces and leaving these freshly minted racing addicts ready for more!

The BMW Performance Center o ers several di erent classes to appeal to a wide range of visitors. Whether you are looking for a two day skills class
on a closed track or if you only have two hours to burn and just want to check out the scene and drive a few laps; BMW Performance Center has designed
a course that will satisfy and inspire! With a slew of different models of BMW vehicles to choose, under the guidance of a team of seasoned instructors, you get the opportunity to light up a closed track all while learning valuable high performance driving skills that can be applied to everyday driving. Most experience packages are paired with valuable class time to give you an opportunity to absorb fundamentals of high performance driving in a way that will literally make your head spin! The center offers an amazing off-road track as well, and all of the many instructors have years of professional racing experience under their belts to ensure the most authentic experience possible.

In addition to offering high performance classes, The BMW Performance Center also offers Adventure Tours that include taking a BMW Adventure bike onto the highway and into the mountains that surround Greenville allowing you to explore the capabilities of a BMW bike unencumbered. The PerformanceCenter also offers a wide range of corporate team building/group events for those adventurous enough to break away from your normal, run-of-the-mill outings. So whether you are planning an upcoming conference for 30 coworkers or you are looking to kill a half of day in the most entertaining way possible, be sure to check out the BMW Performance Center to schedule your next adrenaline pumping, heart stopping experience!


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