Old 96 District

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South Carolina’s Old 96 District, located in the western section of South Carolina, provides outdoor adventures, history and heritage, arts and culture, and family fun for travelers! Comprised of Abbeville, Edgefield, Greenwood, Laurens, and McCormick Counties, three of the five counties border Georgia. This region offers the opportunity to experience rural beauty and Old South mystique. The Old 96 District preserves the region’s history by collecting and sharing stories of the people who shaped that history. Along with collections, artifacts, and other objects of historical, cultural, and scientific importance, the museums in the region provide extraordinary insight into the birth and development of the places and people in the Old 96 District.

A trip to South Carolina’s Old 96 District is like stepping back into a time of events that played an important part in our nation’s history. The region was a crucial component of both the Revolutionary War and Civil War. Decisive battles were fought in this area and landmarks still exist that mark the importance of this region in the formation and development of our country.

To say that we’re undiscovered, well, that’s no sh story. Head east from Atlanta and look for 2,000 miles of shoreline and 110,000 acres of water. Yep, that’s Old 96 District. The one with the big, blue body of water, striped bass, and beautiful sunsets. The locals call all this water a part of South Carolina’s Freshwater Coast.

The Old 96 District is also home to six state parks and one national forest, and usually where there are state parks, there are trails. Mountain and motor bikers, hikers, and horseback riders will love the almost 150 miles of trails in the Old 96 District. All skill levels are welcome. Hikers and bikers can connect different trails with re and access roads to embark on multi-day adventures.

You might wonder what life was like before cell phones? When a remote was a location far away from it all, and a tweet was something you heard from a bird? Well, the Old 96 District is off the beaten path, and we are proud of it! Our campgrounds are mostly built around our Old 96 District lakes and our six state parks. Pitch a tent or park your RV in one of our RV resort parks.

Whether you’re searching for your next DIY project or the perfect family heirloom, the Old 96 District of South Carolina has over 20 antique shops full of treasures just waiting to be discovered. We know junkin’, pickin’, and regular ole’ antiquing can take some time, which is why you may want to spend the night at a local bed & breakfast, inn, or hotel to make sure that you have the time and resources that you need for the perfect weekend of treasure hunting in the District.

South Carolina has a long history with moonshine and so does the Old 96 District. We also have a rich history with another tasty beverage – craft beer.
South Carolinians love a smooth hooch or a refreshing brew. Moonshine in South Carolina goes back as far as 1791. Farmers in remote areas of the state distilled the grain they could not get to market. By the 1950’s, “moonshining” was quite prevalent in the south. In 2009, South Carolina passed a law making micro- distilleries legal in South Carolina. Today, the resurgence of moonshine has sparked a craze of craft distilleries across the state. The Old 96 District has several craft breweries and distilleries.

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